For Children and Youth

KACES provides children and youth with opportunities to discover the joy of participating in arts activities, to help build emotional intelligence, and to cultivate creativity.

  • Teaching Artists in School
    The Teaching Artists in School program involves teaching artists visiting or being placed in elementary, middle, and high schools. The goal of this program is to create an educational environment where children and adolescents are free to develop their artistic and creative capabilities and build character by experiencing the arts.
  • Arts-Flower Seeds School
    KACES supports small schools in remote communities, where local residents may not have adequate exposure to the arts, by strengthening the infrastructure for arts and culture education. By catalyzing these communities’ cultural and human resources, local students have more chances to express themselves and gain exposure to creativity.
  • Orchestra of Dreams – El Sistema Korea
    Inspired by the educational philosophy of the “El Sistema” program, the Orchestra of Dreams program provides an opportunity to be trained in orchestra, based on the values of mutual learning and cooperation. By introducing participants to the arts, this program produces well-rounded individuals who love music.
  • Arts and Culture Education for Early Childhood
    During their early years, children explore their surroundings and develop the basic learning skills that will guide them throughout the rest of their lives. To facilitate this, KACES sends teaching artists, who can motivate children to create a better future and can show them how to enjoy being social, to preschools, schools, and daycares throughout the country.
  • Imagination in Full Bloom-Arts and Culture Program
    This program is geared specifically for seniors in high school and students who have just completed the college entrance exam. For many students, it is a chance to enjoy arts activities by spurring their interest in the humanities, culture, and arts.

For Citizen and Community

A variety of programs are available for youth, middle-aged individuals, and the elderly, utilizing arts and culture education to benefit their everyday lives.

  • Arts and Culture Education for Welfare Centers
    KACES provides quality arts and culture education opportunities to youth centers, senior citizens centers, centers for those with disabilities, and other welfare centers.
  • Cross-Functional Cooperation with Other Institutions
    The goal of this project is to collaborate with relevant agencies to develop and provide customized programs to the military, youth correction facilities, out-of-school children and youth, and other potential participants who often lack access to arts and culture experiences.
  • Cultural Precinct Station
    The Cultural Precinct Police Station program broadens the spectrum of arts and culture education by using public safety centers in collaboration with police departments to provide opportunities for meaningful activities in everyday life.
  • Arts Healing Project
    The Arts Healing Project helps individuals with minor mental problems or those recovering from such problems to accelerate their recovery through artistic activities. KACES works directly with art therapy professionals to develop customized art therapy programs for participants.
  • Regional Arts and Culture Education
    KACES works with various regional organizations to operate a wide spectrum of arts and culture education programs tailored to participants with different needs in a wide range of settings. Through this project, local individuals who cannot easily access to such opportunities are given the chance to enjoy arts activities and to pursue self-development.
  • Kumdarak Saturday Cultural School
    Kumdarak Saturday Cultural School offers a variety of arts programs in cooperation with other related agencies to give families interesting activities to do on Saturdays. This project expands channels for communication within the family and among friends by providing a space where they can spend time together.
  • ArtE Bus
    As part of this program, art studio buses visit culturally marginalized areas of the country, such as farming and fishing villages, remote islands, and mountain communities. Local residents are provided with opportunities to have fun and make wonderful memories on beautifully decorated art buses, where they can create visual artwork and dance together.
  • “One Special Day” with Honorary Teachers
    One Special Day reaches out to well-known names in the field and invites them to give lectures to all members of society. Members of the community can gain a better understanding of arts and culture, and honorary teachers are able to give back to the community by sharing their own inspiring experiences and wisdom.

R&D and Professional Development

  • ArtE Academy, AA
    Arte Academy provides a professional training curriculum designed to develop creative leaders and talented professionals. Training courses aiming to advance cultural competence are customized depending on the individual needs of participating trainees.
  • Arts & Culture Education Instructor Certificate System (ACEI)
    KACES runs the ACEI certificate system to foster outstanding human resources for arts and culture education and supports instructors to find suitable employment.
  • Policy Research and Studies
    KACES carries out various research projects to strengthen the effectiveness of polices and to serve as a foundation for sustainable development.
  • Research Service Projects
    KACES publishes a series of books on arts and culture education and produces infographics to enhance public awareness and to effectively communicate research results.