International Exchange
KACES expands the value of arts and culture education at the international level through networking and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and experiences through global partnerships.

Arts & Culture Education ODA
Global Exploration Projects

Arts & Culture Education ODA
ACES and The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea conduct Arts and Culture Education Official Development Assistance(ODA) project that supports various arts and culture education for local intermediaries (teachers, artists, etc.), children·youth, local residents and others by dispatching Korean professionals in the field of arts and culture education to core ODA partner countries
(Indonesia: 2018~, Mongolia: 2023~, Philippines: 2023~, Vietnam: 2013~2022). 

Each arts and culture education program has been integrated with local culture, and creating an environment where local mediators can conduct education independently.

In 2021, a total of 300 workshops and after-school programs were held, and a total of 512 intermediaries and beneficiaries were participated. KACES continues to expand its project partners by conducting background/development research of core ODA partner candidates. 


Global Exploration Projects <A-round>
The <A-round> project aims to explore various arts and culture education programs in other countries and to take a closer look at existing practices to enhance the participants' capacities over the course of a week. 

After COVID-19 outbreak, <A-round> also supports distance(online) research to strengthen the participants' expertise.