International Exchange
KACES expands the value of arts and culture education at the international level through networking and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and experiences through global partnerships.

KACES Symposium & Conferences

Symposiums are held to discuss strategies for achieving a sustainable and creative future for the arts and culture education field by examining the policies and practices of different countries. Also, participants can network to advance  cooperation among nations, in addition to exchanging core values related to arts education.

History of the Symposium & Conference

  • 2019

    • 2019 Asia Arts&Culture Education Forum Series (3)
      • ㅇ Date : November 12th
      • ㅇ Venue : Seoul
      • ㅇ Presenter

        - Kim Jahuyn(KACES, Korea)
        /Trials, Concerns, and Inquiries Along with Asia

        - Hong Leeji(2020 Jeju Biennale, Korea)
        /Decontructing and Reuniting : From Non-Aligned Movement to Contemporary Art and Culture Education

        - Ryu Seonghyo(Art Association 'Creative Plan B', Korea)
        /Practices of Social Movement of Art and Culture Education in Asia

        - Choi Seokyu(Theatrical and performance company Asia Now, Korea)
        /Considering Asia in Perspective of Diversity and Inclusion : Social Practices and Creative Exchanges of Art and Society

        ㅇ Moderator : Seo Jihye(In Culture Consulting, Korea)

        ㅇ Discussion Panels

        - Kim Wolsik(Dasari Culture School, Korea)

        - Park Jisun(The Producer Group DOT, Korea)
    • 2019 Asia Arts&Culture Education Forum Series (2)
      - Socially Engaged Art Practice and Its Value in Art Education
      • ㅇ Date : October 10th
      • ㅇ Venue : Seoul
      • ㅇ Presenter

        - Lee Jinyup(Theater company ‘Elephants Laugh', Korea)
        /The attempt made by new encounters

        - Yoyo Kung(Art and performance company 'Prototype Paradise', Taiwan)
        /Who's the odd one out?

        - Giovanni Trono(Theater company 'TeatrInGestAzine', Italy)
        /Street University

        ㅇ Moderator : Noh Kyungae(ArtEL, Korea)
    • 2019 Asia Arts&Culture Education Forum Series (1)
      - “What’s in Asia - Arts, Community, and Education”
      • ㅇ Date : September 27th
      • ㅇ Venue : Gwacheon
      • ㅇ Presenters

        - Lee Chulsung(Visual Theater Company 'Flower', Korea)
        /Re-discovery of community through arts projects

        - Chung Chiao(Assignment Theater, Taiwan)
        /Value and achievement of performing art through audiences' participation

        - Joanna Chan((Dream Theater Association, Hong Kong)
        /Art community's role and function

        - Divya Bhatia(Jodhpur RIFF Festival, India)
        /Social invention and practice through art

        - Sufri Juwahir/Sheriden Newman(Soul Signature, Singapore)
        /Cultural reception of art

        - Lee Sangjik(Gurye Community Theater, Korea)
        /Town theatring

        - Lee Hanjin(Author of "101-102, Gwacheon Jugong Apartment", Korea)
        /Young people, Apartment kids, and Gwacheon
    • Korea-China-Japan Arts Education Forum
      Arts and culture education for young children in cultural facilities

      • Date: 19.6.10~6.12
      • Venue: Jeju island
      • Presenter :
        -Jongchul Choi(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

        -Kim Joon(Artist)

        -Ye Jungwon(Producer)

        - Yu Chuncheng (Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People's Republic of China)

        - Meng Xioxue (Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People's Republic of China)

        - Ogura Nobuhiro (Agency of Cultural Affairs-Government of Japan)

        - Hongo Hiroshi(Tokyo University of the Arts)

        - Nakanishi Mayu(Children Meet Children)
  • 2018

    • 2018 KACES Symposium
      Rediscovering Arts and Culture Education in the New Era: Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • 2017

    • 2017 Korea-UK Conference
      Creative Ageing
    • 2017 KACES Symposium
      The Purpose, Inspiration and Joy of Arts Education
  • 2016

    • 2016 Arts & Culture Education Symposium
      Artists and Arts Education
      • Date : 2016.5.24.(Tue)
      • Venue : Nuri-Dream Square
      • Presenter

        -Diao Dong Mei (Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China)
        /Current State of Community Art Education in China

        -Katsuhisa Sagisaka(Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan)
        /Approaches to culture and arts education in Japan

        -Yunkyung Kang(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea)
        /The value of culture and arts education, the present and the future

        -Jungho Nam(Korea National University of Arts)
        /The artist as arts educator

        -Kazumi Minoguchi(Tokyo University of the Arts)
        /The role of artist participation in school arts education

        -Wang Zhong Ping(The People's Republic of China)
        /Cultivating artists for public arts education

        -Koichi Ueno(Japan)
        /Art appreciation education with artists

        -Juhee Noh(Audie Music education lab)
        /Harmony sensitivity education : trees and wind

        -Kaori Kawashima(Japan Council of Performers Right & Performing Arts Organization)
        /When the traditional culture is alive with kids : approaches and the role of artists

        -Zou Meifun(Central Academy of Cultural and Tourism Administration, China)
        /Future of arts education and international cooperation for the public
  • 2015

    • 2015 Arts & Culture Education Symposium
      • Date : 2015.5.27.(Wed)
      • Venue : Busan museum of Art
      • Presenter

        -Dr Davidson Hepburn(Former President, the 35th session of UNESCO’s General Conference)
        / Vision for Arts Education

        -Serin kim Hong(Head Division of Initiatives and Resources KACES)
        / Value, History, Current Status and Future Direction of Culture and arts Education of Korea

        -Egbert Wits(Culture&Development Specialist KELOLA Foundation)
        / Enhancing the vitality of Indonesian Arts and Culture

        -Dr Joseph Gonzales(Dean Faculty of dance National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage, ASWARA)
        / Keeping Makyung Relevant in Contemporary Society: The National Academy of Arts, Culture and heritage malaysia(ASWARA) and Beyond

        -Eva Salvador(Head Arts Education Dep Cultural Center of the Philippines)
        / Arts Education - ‘Art Matters to the lives of Filipinos

        -Shri kalyan Kumar Chakravarty(Former ChairmanLalift kala Akademi)
        / Arts Education in Asia: The way Forward
  • 2014

    • 2014 Arts & Culture Education Symposium
      • Date : 2014.10.17(Fri)
      • Veneue : Korea Press Foundation
      • Presenter

        - Cho Ju-Yeon(Representative Social enterprise tpot)
        / Space Brings Changes to Education

        - Exkart Lieau(Chairman Council of Cultureal Education Stiftung Mercator)
        / Case of Utilization and Expansion of space for Arts and Culture Education in Germany

        - Bridgette Van Leuven(Head of Children Families & Creative Learing Sydney Opera House)
        / Possibilities of Expanding Spaces for Arts and Culture Education through the digital Techinique

        - Anne-Mette Hjorshej(Ceramic Artist Head of Ceramic Dep in Bornholm Folk High School)
        / Non-formal School focused on Arts and Culture Education for Youth & Adults

        - Chua ai Liang(Director National Arts Council Singapore)
        / Promoting Local Arts and Culture Educatio through the Network of ‘Community Arts and Culture Nodes
  • 2013

    • 2013 Asia-Pacific regional Arts & Culture Education Symposium
      Releasing the Power of the Arts: Exploring Arts Education in the Asia-pacific
      • Date : 2013.10.30.(Wed)
      • Venue : Ferrum Tower
      • Presenter

        - Jung Yeonhee (KACES)
        / Introduction of the project ‘Asia-pacific Arts Education Hub’
        - Samuel Leong(HongKong Institute of Education)
        / Comparative Study on Arts and Culture education policy in Asia-pacific countries
        - Simon Spain(Arts play)
        / Sm-ART Youth project(AFTEC, The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection)
        - Chee Hoo Lum(Nanyang Technological University)
        / Case Study of best practices in 19 local schools in Singapore
    • Korea-China-Japan Arts & Culture Education Forum
      Arts and culture education for the future
      • Date : 2013.5.22.(Wed)
      • Venue : Korea Press Foundation
      • Presenter
        - Liu Wei Fu(Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China), Sato Toru(Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan), Taehoon Kim(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
        / Location and Focus of Korea-China-Japan Cultural Arts Education

        - Tsutsumi Yasuhiko(‘Children Meet Artists’ (NPO)) , Go Bomi
        / Best Practices of Arts and Culture Education Policy for Fostering Creativity of Children and Youth

        - Huang Hangjuan (China), Yoshino Satsuki (Aichi University)
        / Best Practices of Arts and Culture Education Policy for the Cultural Life and Community Formation of Citizens

        - Jung Yeonhee (KACES), O Yang Junho(China)
        / Policies for Cultivating Arts and Culture Education Intermediaries
  • 2012

    • <Arts Education Week> Proclamation Memorial International Symposium
      Arts Education, from Diversity to Sustainability
  • 2010

    • The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education
      Arts Education, from Diversity to Sustainability
      • Venue: Coex Seoul
      • Date: 2010.5.25.(Tue)~5.28(Fri)
  • 2007

    • Arts Education Seminar
      Arts &Culture Education across the border
      • Venue : National Museum of Korea
      • Date : 2007.11.1.(Thu)
  • 2006

    • 2006 International Arts Education Symposium
      “Arts Education for Creative Minds”
      • Date : 2006.11.28.(Tue)
      • Venue : National Museum of Korea
      • Presenter
        -Michael Wimmer (Austria)
        / Policy Framing - Arts Education for All Citizen
        -Anne Bamford (U.K.)
        / The Implications and Impact of Arts Education