International Exchange
KACES expands the value of arts and culture education at the international level through networking and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and experiences through global partnerships.

Arts Education Workshop

Utilizing international networks, KACES invites foreign experts from various countries and fields to participate in workshops and share methodologies and case studies of arts and culture education, thus encouraging mutual learning and exchange with their Korean counterparts.

History of the Workshop

  • 2018

    • 50th Workshop
      Museums and art: partners to build new knowledge and competences / Mediation strategies in the Critical Museology era
      • Partner Organization: ICOM-CECA, National Folk Museum of Art
      • Invited Speaker : Mila Milene Chiovatto, Arja Van Veldhuizen, Judith Saban
    • 49th Workshop
      Human Net
      • Partner Organization: Seoul Street Arts Festival
      • Invited Speaker : La Fura dels Baus
    • 48th Workshop
      Interactive Brain Art and The Word Tree
      • Invited Speaker : PluginHUMAN
  • 2017

    • 47th Workshop
      Creative Play for Curious Minds
      • Partner Organization : The Courtyard in Herefordshire, People Dancing
      • Invited Speaker : Penny Allen, Diane Amans
    • 46th Workshop
      Design creative art education programs for all children
      • Partner Organization : Jupiter Artland

      • Invited Speaker : Catherine O'Brien, Kate Latham
    • 45th Workshop
      Teaching Artistry
      • Invited Speaker : Eric Booth
    • 44th Workshop
      A Study on the Innovation of Art Education and the Philosophy and Faith in the Practice of New Art Education
      • Partner Organization : InSEA
      • Invited Speaker : Dennis Atkinson(Goldsmith college), Glen Coutts(Lafland University), Julia Marshall(California state university San Francisco)
    • 43rd Workshop
      Dance for Life - Talking about the body's creative language and senses
      • Partner Organization : El Colegio del Cuerpo

      • Invited Speaker : Alvaro Restrepo(Director of El Colegio del Cuerpo) Marie-France Delieuvin(Co-director of El Colegio del Cuerpo)
  • 2016

    • 42nd Workshop
      Creative Access to Songs, Content Study for Classroom
      • Partner Organization : The Song Room
      • Invited Speaker : Deborah Nicolson(Director of Song Room)
        , Lena Mitchell(Teaching Artist of Song Room)
    • 41st Workshop
      Artists and Education - Design and Development of Creative Learning Models
      • Partner Organization : Barbican-Guildhall School of Music and Drama
      • Invited Speaker : Sean Gregory(Director of Education & Participation dep of Barbican-Guildhall School), Jenny Molica(Head of Creative learning dep of Barbican-Guildhall School)
    • 40th Workshop
      Planning of Artistic Activities to Induce the Creativity of Infants
      • Partner Organization : Starcatchers
      • Invited Speaker : Rhona Matheson(President of Starcatchers), Heather Amstrong(Manager of Starcatchers)
    • 39th Workshop
      Creative movement exploration and creation
      • Partner Organization : City Contemporary Dance Centre

      • Invited Speaker : Ronly Kong(Manager of CCDC Outreach team), Gloria Chiu(Teaching Artist of CCDC), Eileen Lee(Assistant Manager of CCDC Outreach team)
  • 2015

    • 38th Workshop
      Family workshops - Engaging intergenerational participants in arts education
      • Partner Organization : New Victory Theater

      • Invited Speaker : Lindsey Buller Maliekel(Director, Department of Education and public participants, New Victory Theatre), Sarah Petersie(Teaching Artist)
    • 37th Workshop
      Engaging people and Creating collaborative interactive musical environments
      • Partner Organization : SoundsCreative Project
      • Invited Speaker : Tara Franks(Director of SoundsCreative Project)
        Preetha Narayanan(violinist)
    • 36th Workshop
      Engaging With Youth in Arts Education - Express, Explore and Exchange Stories
      • Partner Organization : Seanse Art Center

      • Invited Speaker : Marit Ulvund(Director of Seanse Art Center), Bente Aasheim(Artist)
    • 35th Workshop
      Community Engagement & Virtuosity - Arts, Culture & Social Change
      • Partner Organization : Big hART
      • Invited Speaker : Scott Rankin(Co director of Big hART), Cecily Hardy(Artist at Big hART)
  • 2014

    • 34st Workshop
      Arts and Culture Education for At-risk youth
      • Partner Organization : Big Thought
      • Invited Speaker : Gigi Antoni(CEO), Lisa Schmidt(Instructional Specialist)
    • 33rd Workshop
      Arts and Culture Education and Spaces for Children
      • Partner Organization : Artplay, Kids' Own Publishing
      • Invited Speaker : Simon Spain(Director of Artplay), Victoria Ryle(Director of Kids' Own Publishing)
    • 32nd Workshop
      calligraphy program for kids
      • Partner Organization : Tohoku University of Art and Design
      • Invited Speaker : Kasetsu(Artist), Miyamoto Takenori(Tohoku Univ of Art and Design)
    • 31st Workshop
      Creative Facilitation for Youth Empowerment
      • Partner Organization : Partners for Youth Empowerment, PYE
      • Invited Speaker : Charlie Murphy(CEO), Silvia Giovannoni(Brazil Coordinator)
  • 2013

    • 30th Workshop
      Social Circus program cases and methodology
      • Partner Organization : Cultural Centre PiiPoo
      • Invited Speaker : Pilvi Kuitu(Managing Director), Jarmo Skon(Social Circus Instructor)
    • 29th Workshop
      dance/movement treatment programs for various participants
      • Invited Speaker : Pamela Margules, Lillian Thio-Kaplan, Hilda Wengrower
  • 2012

    • 28th Workshop
      Teaching Artists' role model and develop creative arts education program
      • Partner Organization : Creativity, Culture and Education, CCE
      • Invited Speaker : Paul Collard (CCE representative),
        Samantha Holdsworth (Creative Agent representative)
    • 27th Workshop
      Arts education cases for juvenile delinquents and students with disability
      • Partner Organization : Little Art
      • Invited Speaker : Elena Anchor(President of Little Art)
    • 26th Workshop
      Creative School Curriculum related to performing arts
      • Partner Organization : Atis
      • Invited Speaker : Rebecca Boyle (President of Atis)
        Nigel Menard (representative of International Education, Atis)
    • 25th Workshop
      Creating poem workshop for old people with dimentia
      • Partner Organization : APP

      • Invited Speaker : Gary Glazner (President of APP)
        Michelle Otero (APP New Mexico, TA)
    • 24th Workshop
      Evaluation of arts education: Methods and Effects
      • Invited Speaker : Philip Taylor
        (New York University, Director of Educational theatre), Christina Hong(Queensland Institute of Technology)
  • 2011

    • 23rd Workshop
      I make Myself - puppet workshop
      • Partner Organization : UIJEONGBU Music Theatre Festival
      • Invited Speaker : Grego Musical Puppets
    • 22nd Workshop
      Mother and Daughter: Community Dance Workshop
      • Partner Organization : SIDance
      • Invited Speaker : Hanna Brotherus(Art director), Mirna Nauvornen(Education department of Helsinki theatre)
  • 2010

    • 21st Workshop
      Art therapy Workshop
    • 20th Workshop
      Arts Education for prisoner
      • Partner Organization : Educational Shakespeare Company, ESC
      • Invited Speaker : Tom Magill(Art Director of ESC)
    • 19th Workshop
      Collaboration T.A in Korea and NY Phil, Music eudcation workshop
      • Partner Organization : NY Phil
      • Invited Speaker : Theodore Wiprud( Director of Education department in NY Phil), David Wallace(Author of the book Reaching Out)
  • 2009

    • 18th Workshop
      NY Phil Education
      • Partner Organization : NY Phill
      • Invited Speaker : Theodore Wiprud( Director of Education department in NY Phil), David Wallace(Author of the book Reaching Out)
    • 17th Workshop
      Multicultural Education Cases in Australia
      • Partner Organization : Multicultural and Migration Research Centre, University of Sydney
      • Invited Speaker : Christine Inglis(Directore of Multicultural and Migration Research Centre)
    • 16th Workshop
      U.K Creative Industry and current issue
      • Partner Organization : Goldsmiths College,
        University of London
      • Invited Speaker : Gerald Lidstone(Deputy Head of Drama Department, Sian Prime(Director, Institute of Creative and Cultural Enterpreneurship)
    • 15th Workshop
      Art as Cultural Action : Museum Program Planning
      • Partner Organization : Columbia University
      • Invited Speaker : Graham Sullivan(Columbia Univ)
    • 14th Workshop
      Laban Movement: Creative Approach to Dance and Theatre
      • Partner Organization : Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance
      • Invited Speaker : Veronica Jobbins(Head of Professional and Community Developmennt, Laban), Amanda Gough(Co-programme Leader for MA Dance Performance, Laban)
  • 2008

    • 13th Workshop
      Orchestra as Educator
      • Partner Organization : NY Phil
      • Invited Speaker : Theodore Wiprud(Director of Education, NY Phil),
    • 12th Workshop
      Creative Leadershop Workshop based on Arts & Culture, CLW
      • Partner Organization : School of Kaospilot
      • Invited Speaker : Christer Lidzelius(President of Kaospilot)
    • 11th Workshop
      “Meeting happy arts education: Richard Yongjae O'Neill”
      • Invited Speaker : Richard Yongjae O'Neill(Violist), Stefan Jackiw, Ilbum Jang, Wonmyeong Kim
    • 10th Workshop
      “Israel Arts and Science Academy”
      • Partner Organization : Israel Arts and Science Academy, IASA
      • Invited Speaker : Ronny Erez, IASA Headmaster
  • 2007

    • 9th Workshop
      “Art Beyond Sight”
      • Partner Organization : Art Education for the Blind, AEB
      • Invited Speaker : Nina Sobol Levent (Vice President of AEB)
  • 2006

    • 8th Workshop
      Tasks for Efficient and Effective Culture and Art and Culture
      • Partner Organization : Wimbledon College of Art
      • Invited Speaker : Ann Bamford(Director of media center in Wimbledon College of Art)
    • 7th Workshop
      Methodology of Culture and Art Education: Object-Oriented Learning
      • Partner Organization : -
      • Invited Speaker : Sharon Shepherds(Smithonian EarlyEnrichment Center Executive Director) / Jane Filen(Program Coordinator)
    • 6th Workshop
      Arts education, Creativity and partnership
    • 5th Workshop
      Basic Stance and Method in Art Expression and Appreciation Teaching
      • Partner Organization : Hyogo University
      • Invited Speaker : Fukumoto Kinichi(Hyogo Univ, president of InSEA Japan)
  • 2005

    • 4th Workshop
      "Education for the 21st Century : Ecological Art Education and a Holistic Framework for Education"
      • Partner Organization : International Society for Education through Art,
        InSEA / Florida State University
      • Invited Speaker : Ann Kuo, InSEA / Pat Villeneuve, Florida State Univ
    • 3rd Workshop
      “Becoming Better Arts Educators by Becoming Reflective Practitioners”
      • Partner Organization : Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, CAPE
      • Invited Speaker : Arnold Aprill
    • 2nd Workshop
      “Israel Arts and Science Academy”
      • Partner Organization : Israel Arts and Science Academy, IASA
      • Invited Speaker : Ronny Erez, IASA Headmaster
    • 1st Workshop
      “Making Meaning from Contemporary Art”
      • Partner Organization : Columbia University
      • Invited Speaker : Graeme Sullivan