International Exchange
KACES expands the value of arts and culture education at the international level through networking and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and experiences through global partnerships.

South Korea

South Korea ITAC Hub

After organizing The 5th International Teaching Artist Conference(ITAC) in 2020, KACES established South Korea ITAC Hub, which is one of four ITAC'S first-ever cohort of national centers for Teaching Artists.

South Korea ITAC Hub aims to deepen the field of Teaching Artistry, meaningfully serve practitioners at the grassroots level, and maximize the visibility and impact of this rising global workforce in Korea and beyond.

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ITAC(International Teaching Artist Collaborative)

    • The International Teaching Artist Collaborative/Conference(ITAC) brings together hundreds of attendees including artists, organizations, funders and researchers. While the term “teaching artist” is used in the title, the conference is inclusive and serves all artists who work in educational and community settings, whatever terms they use to describe their roles. The conference is also dedicated to serving those who work with those artists in various capacities, as administrators, advocates, trainers, researchers, funders and partners.

      An ITAC conference includes many sessions—ITAC4 included 173 speakers and presenters, 80 sessions exploring key issues relating to participatory arts practice, and a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions, curated conversations, practical workshops, round-table discussions, and poster sessions. 305 Delegates came from 28 countries around the world to explore the best thinking and practice in participatory arts /teaching artistry informed by projects, practice and research in the field.