International Exchange
KACES expands the value of arts and culture education at the international level through networking and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and experiences through global partnerships.

International Arts Education Week

In accordance with the “Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education,” which was proposed by the Korean government and unanimously adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in 2010, the fourth week of May has been declared as the “International Arts Education Week.” Every year, during this week, different countries share the value and meaning of arts and culture education.
Since 2012, KACES has annually hosted a variety of international programs during the International Arts Education Week, every fourth week of May. It is a moment for domestic and international field experts and arts educators to gather and discuss international discourses in depth. The week also offers the public to sympathize with the value and the impact of arts and culture education. Annual slogan for the lAEW is selected in response to the pertinent issue facing domestic and international society. Various programs, such as international symposiums, workshops, art projects, and performances are held to celebrate the week throughout the country.